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Solace End of Life Support

11040179_10207393251935676_8687966690511176356_nSolace was created to change the way we think about dying, and to support those at the end of life in a way that respects individuality and choice. Just as in life we expect to make choices that are meaningful to us, and help us make the most of our life, then in death we should be able to do this too.

Solace wants to educate and empower people to make those choices for themselves and to enable them to support others in their community, through training and resources.



group talkWhat do we do?

  • Introductory End of Life Care Workshops
  • Accredited Practitioner Training
  • One to one support and advocacy
  • Online discussion through our Facebook group / pages
  • Awareness raising
  • Online resource development
  • We’re developing our volunteer support training to reach more individuals


10952797_10207393236375287_7345270132671253188_nMy experience of personal and professional service for people who are dying, both as a care volunteer, nurse, social care worker, spiritual advisor and therapist has spanned over twenty years. After all my years of being given the honour of supporting dying people and their loved ones in many capacities, I strongly and passionately believe everyone deserves to die with dignity and loving care in their own chosen environment. Death is a very intimate and personal experience and we cannot escape the fact that it will meet each and every one of us when our time comes.

With that in mind, isn’t it fair and just that as human beings we have the right to choose the final part of our journey in this life? To be able to feel as comfortable, relaxed and empowered as possible will help to ease the trauma of leaving this life, and the people we love, behind us.

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